Boskanter, an educational non-profit, offers inspiration for a satisfying life within the carrying capacity of the planet.


It’s an experiential farm where volunteers can gain and share experiences.


On Boskanter, sourdough bread is also baked and sold, and activities are organised.


Sourdough Bread

Artisanal • We mix, knead and shape by hand, and bake in a wood-fired masonry oven.


Simple • Flour, water, sourdough, a pinch of salt and perhaps some seeds or raisins. No more.


Responsible • Only sustainably and/or local ingredients.


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There are often small events at Boskanter. Such as the Pizza Party, every first Friday of the month, when our masonry oven takes on the role of pizza oven and Boskanter turns into a pizzeria for the evening. An occasion for locals to meet and learn about Boskanter and our way of life while enjoying delicious pizza.


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Volunteer Work

Boskanter wouldn’t be possible without the valuable work of volunteers!


Many of these, often international, volunteers stay at Boskanter from several weeks to multiple years en work in exchange for a place to sleep and daily meals.


But even if it’s only for a part of the day, we would like to let you get a taste of life on Boskanter. That’s why we organise the Open Workdays. They’re a chance to work, eat and be together – connecting with the land and with each other. Join us! 🙂


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