If there is a workshop in the near future at which there is still space for additional participants, the news feed on this website or our newsletter will let you know (you can subscribe to our newsletter all the way at the bottom of the page).

It's often possible to lend a helping hand at workshops. By, for example, providing materials. And it's also possible to become a teacher of one of our workshops or to organise your own workshop here.

If you would like to know more you can contact us by calling (055/600617) or mailing (info@boskanter.be).

Our Experience & Knowledge

We aren’t professional builders, welders, plasterers or painters with years of experience. However, through the years we have applied these skills in varying situation. And driven by passion and interest we have obtained more knowledge in these subjects. With this experience and knowhow we will certainly be able to answer many questions. And we’ll also bring along a number of books to have a look in.

What we are offering here, and what our main objective continues to be, is to give interested people the necessary basic knowledge, skills and experience to more confidently continue with it on their own.


If there is a meal planned for a specific workshop will be communicated. Normally we organise potlucks during workshops. Potlucks are meals for which everybody brings something to the table to share with everybody else. So if there is a potluck meal, and you wish like to participate, you should bring something to share.

Our Workshops