The volunteers of Boskanter bake delicious bread once a week. It’s sold by the Voedselteams (‘Food Teams’ in Dutch) of Brakel, Ronse, Geraardsbergen, Zwalm and Oudenaarde. Of course you can also buy our bread directly at Boskanter.

At Boskanter, we choose to make an very natural product: it’s there to let people have a taste of real food, hoping they want more of it afterwards. The dough rises for a long time and without artificial temperature adjustment. Also, the temperature of the wood-fired oven cannot be controlled perfectly. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that every bread looks a little different. By buying the Boskanter bread you support the Boskanter project.



We bake sourdough bread exclusively. The grain, bought from Belgian biological farmers, is ground at Moulin de Moulbaix. The seeds are ordered through ‘De Nieuwe Band’, a Dutch wholesale cooperative in biological products. The dough rises for seven or eight hours in total, depending on the season. Then we bake the loaves in our masonry oven, which is heated with willow and poplar wood that we harvested ourselves.

We are a small bakery and bake simple bread in a simple way. We do not make a big fuss trying to prevent small amounts of wheat flour making its way into spelt bread, or one single sesame seed slipping into a loaf that should contain none. And even though we do not often process nuts, we can’t guarantee that traces won’t be found.


Ordering & Pick-up

You can pick up bread at Boskanter from eight in the morning on Tuesdays. There are usually some loaves available for purchase without having ordered them beforehand. But if you want to be sure to have some, or if you’re looking for a specific loaf, it’s best to place an order by calling (055/600617), emailing ( or submitting an order form before Sunday evening. Have a look here for an overview of the kinds of breads on offer.



Usually, there is not much time left in today’s fast-results-society for handicraft using wood or stone. However, these small jewelry remind you of the original natural habitat that you’d like to be connected with. They are definitely worth the effort and the time.

Volunteers of Boskanter learn the craft under the guidance of experienced calligrapher Ine Debrandere. You can order one or a few words with them. We don’t follow the rules of calligraphy exactly, but you can choose a specific style, closely related to your message. After discussing the design together, we transform a little piece of nature into a message that lasts for ages. We do lettering in stone and wood, big and small.



  • 25€ for material and design
  • 10€ per letter
  • 15€ for a date


Fruit & Vegetables

We have a variable yield in our garden (e,g, the fruit trees and berry bushes are still in full development). The supply of self-grown vegetables also depends on the interest and activities of our volunteers. What is left, we gladly share.